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I am looking forward to our time together on your boat. I highly recommend that you enroll in my online safety course before we head out! To start here is Rule 7 Risk of Collision...

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Have you ever had an "Oh ShXt" moment out on the water? Maybe the other vessel just applied Rule 17 (b) to you, and you didn't even know it.

Have you ever been yelled at by someone on another boat and you don't know why? Maybe you just violated Rule 16?

Have you ever seen another boat coming at you and you literally don't know what to do or which way to turn? But, it's probably OKAY so you'll just keep going and see what happens. You just blew Rule 7!

Do you think that because you have a placard with all the ships lights and shapes on it that "I'm good, I got this Collision Rules thing" Your lawyer would be so pleased if you followed Rule 2.

Do you think that you "know" the rules because you know that if you meet head on you alter to starboard and power gives way to sail and "might has right"? That's pretty much it right? Part B Rules 4-19. This is where you live and breath every time you go out.

You learned the lights and shapes for a vessel not under command for your test-GREAT! You'll never see one!

You can identify a tug and tow greater than 150m, restricted in its ability to maneuver, AND you know that you have to keep out of its got this! But wait. You're under sail, so he gives way to you, right? What does Rule 18 say about that?

You're under sail and 10 miles out, a cargo ship is on a collision course with you, you'd better get out of his way... right? Or will he alter for you? Rule 18

"Holy SHxT !!! Where did that jet ski suddenly come from? But you WERE keeping a "Proper and effective lookout"... weren't you? Rule 5

You go out to ocean to sail, and avoid "the Bay". It's because of all those idiots who don't know the collision rules...but you know them. Sort of? I mean, you know the lights for a vessel under command, right? A vessel you'll never see because you don't even go out at night. Section B Rules 4-19.

You were coming round a blind bend at the marina and nearly ran over a paddle boarder. You probably should have sounded the prescribed sound signal. But that's more for big ships isn't it? What does Rule 2 say about "the consequences of any neglect to comply"?

🤯 You get the idea. You don't know what you don't know. Don't avoid taking the boat out because you are unsure of yourself and the rules. Don't take the boat out unless you know the rules. It's best for everyone.

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Meet Your Instructor - David Morris

Think of an F-18 pilot coaching you in a Cessna. Same thing.

  • Royal Yachting Association International Yachtmaster (Power and Sail) for 30 years (1988)
  • Graduate of Britannia Royal Naval College, Dartmouth, UK. Globally renowned military leadership and seamanship training.
  • Has driven every type of vessel including:

    Guided Missile Destroyers-450’ 5000 tons, 50,000HP, 1 helicopter.
    Southampton Water UK, English Channel, Rotterdam Euro-port, Straits of Gibraltar, North Africa, Caribbean, Atlantic Ocean, Arctic Ocean

    Anti-Submarine Frigates- 450’ 5000 tons, 50,000 HP, 1 helicopter
    Hong Kong Harbor, Perth Australia, Suez Canal, Horn of Africa, Indian Ocean, Singapore Straits, Straits of Florida, Miami, Gibraltar, Adriatic.
  • (David) has done it all. All over the world. This is not a “yachtie” who’s sailed around a lot, slowly, with not much action in regard to collision avoidance.
  • This is a military-trained, professional. This is a seafarer who has launched helicopters of the back of a warship in the traffic separation scheme in the English Channel. This is an expert who has picked his way through a Spanish fishing fleet, at night, at 25 knots, while maintaining position on an aircraft carrier launching jets.
  • This Naval officer has navigated Hong Kong harbor with its ferries, junks, fishing vessels, commercial traffic and floating markets. This is a racing sailor who has jousted on the start-line of International regattas all over the world. This is WHY he was trained and tested to the standard of a COLLISION REGULATIONS EXPERT as a young Naval Officer. Whilst studying at BRNC, Dartmouth-UK’s globally renowned academy for Officer training- he would drive 3 hours back from weekend leave, playing his homemade tape-recording of the International Collision Regulations, in his car, until he could recite them, verbatim.
  • He was tested on The Rules every month at sea and used the rules, in practice, for 8- 16 hours per day on the bridge of an operational warship.
  • David is currently the Captain of a 58’ sailboat in another very high-traffic waterway-San Diego Bay, California.
  • He gives you the yachtsman’s perspective, with the expertise of a military professional.

Course Curriculum



HANSE 38.8’

George and Gillian P.
Del Mar, Ca.

“I have crewed on racing yachts and have thousands of miles under my belt, but leaving the marina slip and returning was stressful and detracting from our enjoyment. David did an excellent job of honing my boat handling skills (under power), as well as coming up with docking techniques, which greatly enhanced our successful arrivals and departures. He brought us up to speed on COLREGS as well as anchoring and tying-up to a buoy.

David coached us in a patient, calm and coherent manner dissecting each maneuver and identifying the small changes that made a huge difference. I found David’s coaching to be hugely beneficial, and an excellent investment. My wife has become more confident and proficient and we BOTH FEEL MORE CONFIDENT AND RELAXED rather than the previous anxiety and trepidation we experienced.

We highly recommend David to coach you on your boat!"

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without breaking rules, injuring others or damaging your boat