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"I am a British Navy-trained expert in all aspects of boating and yachting. I provide a transformational training result that will leave you confident, safe, and having fun on your boat.

I specialize in docking and un-docking. You won’t be anxious and nervous anymore.

I will expand your confidence and fun on your boat by training you in “active“ collision avoidance, anchoring ropes and fenders, navigation, radar, VHF, safety, man-overboard, and very importantly... how to look cool!

Your crew member can come too!"

- David Morris

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Enjoy your boat more, operate with confidence, and reduce your risk of collision! 

  • Free Videos with Tips & Recommendations to boat like a pro, stop stressing & start relaxing. Help with ColRegs.
  • Boat Safety to protect your guests, nearby boats, and you. Become an expert on collision avoidance!
  • Expert Advice to avoid the costly, dangerous & embarrassing mistakes boaters make when starting out (including docking and un-docking).
  • Expert In-Person Coaching on YOUR Boat. David has many happy clients that achieve perfect docking and other important skills in just one day!
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Plus These Bonus Videos Straight To Your In Box Right Now

  • How to Safely Dock Your Boat
  • Perfect Docking in Just One Day!
  • Cross Wind Docking Without Anxiety
  • Docking Larger Yachts
  • How to Correctly Tie up Your Boat
  • Overtaking Another Vessel
  • Crossing Situations
  • How to Determine Risk of Collision
  • The 5 Most Important Sound Signals
  • Picking up a Mooring Buoy
  • How to Cheat a Line
  • How to Navigate Wind & Currents
  • Yacht Steering Controls
  • and MORE

David Offers Expert Coaching On Your Boat

Transform your skills! A 6-point increase in one day! Expert in-person coaching on your boat specializing in docking & undocking, deckhand training, and collision rules application for a safer, more fun & confident experience.

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